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Event Menu

Event Menu

Butlered Hors D’oeuvres


Mini Crab Cakes- with Homemade Cocktail Sauce$5.00 ea

Coconut Shrimp with Marmalade Sauce$4.00 ea

Scallops wrapped in Bacon with a Honey Mustard Sauce$4.00 ea

Seared Citrus Scallops topped w/ Fresh Herb & Citrus Vinaigrette 4.00 ea

Tuna Tart Tar with fried wontons $5.00 ea

Mini Lobster Rolls $ 7.00

Shrimp & Grits served in a mini shoot glass $ 5.00 ea


Sesame Chicken Skewers-with a Peanut Sauce$3.00 ea

Chicken Dumpling w/ Sesame Soy Sauce $ 3.00 ea

Pulled Chicken Quesadilla Triangles w/ Smoky Pulled Chicken, Chipotle Sour Cream & Pico De Gallo $3.00 ea 

Saltimbocca Skewer- Seared Chicken wrapped prosciutto & Sage w/ Balsamic Drizzle $3.00 ea


Roasted Lamb Chops with Rosemary & Sea Salt $7.00 ea

Lil’ Smokies wrapped in crispy dough w/ Dijon Mustard $2.00 ea

Fig Crostini homemade fig blue cheese spread topped with Prosciutto w/ Balsamic Reduction $3.00 ea

Asparagus Wrapped Prosciutto- Roasted Asparagus wrapped in Prosciutto $3.00 ea

Potato & Filet Canapés Crispy Red Bliss Potato topped w/ Filet Tenderloin & Roasted Red Pepper Salsa 4.75 ea

Petite Filet on Crostini topped with Creamy Horseradish and Roasted Peppers$4.25 ea

Mini Biscuit stuffed w/ Speck & Gruyere Cheese w/ Maple Bourbon Mustard $3.50 ea

Gingered Pork Dumplings w/ Chili Soy Dipping Sauce $3.00 ea

Cheese Steak Egg Roll- Stuffed with caramelized onions served with a spicy ketchup $3.00 ea


Bruschetta Crostini with Plum Tomatoes, Garlic and Fresh Basil$2.00 ea

Wild Mushroom Crostini with Sautéed Mushrooms & Herbs, Goat Cheese with a drizzle of Honey$3.00 ea

Tomato Mozzarella Crostini with Pesto Spread $3.00 ea

Butternut Squash Shooter w/ Toasted Pumpkin Seed & Crème Fraiche $3.00 ea

Baked Brie Crostini w/ wine-soaked blackberries $3.00 ea

Roasted Grapes and Fresh Ricotta Crostini drizzled with lavender honey $3.00 ea

Food Stations

Vegetable Crudités Board

Seasonal garden vegetables with buttermilk ranch and balsamic pesto dipping sauces 

$6.95 pp

Mediterranean Board

Roasted Garlic Hummus, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, Kalamata Olives, Roasted Red Peppers, Feta Cheese w/ Grilled Pita

$7.95 pp

Homemade Whipped Ricotta Board

with sauteed mushrooms, sauteed asparagus, roasted peppers, roasted grapes & Crostini’s  

$9.95 pp

Artisan Fruit & Cheese Board

American & European Farmstead Cheeses presented w/ Seasonal fruit, Candied Pecans, Crackers and Crostini

$9.95 pp

Charcuterie Board

Imported Italian Meats, Exceptional Cheeses, Champagne mix of Olives, Grilled Vegetables, Roasted Red Peppers, Pepper Shooters & Homemade Garlic Toasts Crostini

$ 13.95 pp

Antipasta Board

Imported Italian Meats, Exceptional Cheeses, Champagne mix of Olives, Grilled Vegetables, Roasted Red Peppers, Pepper Shooters, Bruschetta, Roasted Artichokes, Homemade Garlic Toasts and Assorted Crackers 

$15.95 pp

Seafood Station / Raw Bar

A classic selection of fresh iced seafood:   

Tuna Tart Tar with crispy wontons & cucumber rounds, 

Oysters and Clams on the half-shell 

Jumbo Shrimp, Snow Crab Claws, Blue Crab Cocktail Fingers 

served with Homemade Cocktail Sauce, Creamy Horseradish Sauce Lemon wedges and Oyster crackers

Market Price

Add Ice Display for market price

Live Action Station

Flatbread Station

(Please choose up to3)

Margherita Crushed San Marzano Tomatoes, Basil, & Fresh Mozzarella

Pepperoni Crushed San Marzano Tomatoes, Basil, Pepperoni & Fresh Mozzarella

Parma Mozzarella, Fontina, Arugula & Prosciutto Di Parma w/ Balsamic Reduction 

Italian Crushed San Marzano Tomatoes, Prosciutto, Soppressata, Basil, & Fresh Mozzarella

Fig with a homemade fig blue cheese spread topped with Prosciutto & Arugula w/ Balsamic Reduction

Asparagus Shredded Gruyere, Asparagus Spears, lemon zest and topped with truffle oil

Wild Mushroom Baby Portabella, Cremini mushrooms topped with truffle oil salt pepper and rosemary shredded gruyere

Roasted Cauliflower Roasted Cauliflower with Olive Oil and Garlic, Romano, and Mozzarella Cheese, topped off with Breadcrumbs

New England Shredded Gruyere, clams, bacon, roasted garlic, oregano and topped with olive oil additional $ 3.99 pp

Truffle Pig fresh mozzarella, asparagus, prosciutto, bacon, truffle oil. tasty additional $3.99pp

$16.95 per person

Surf & Turf Station

Filet Mignon Tips with Roasted Garlic Mash Potatoes

Charcoal Grilled Octopus with a Lemon Caper Sauce

Grilled Shrimp with a Roasted Tomato Lemon Sauce

Grilled Calamari with a lemon Caper Sauce & Spicy Tomato Sauce 

Rigatoni Pasta OR Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes to go with all selections above 

Market Price

Poke Bowl Display

Step One: Choose your Base

White Rice

Step Two: Choose your Protein

Tuna, Salmon &Tofu

Step Three: All Sauces are included 

Sesame Soy Sauce, Sriracha Sauce& Citrus Ponzu

Step Four: Choose your Toppings (pick five)

Scallion, Cucumber, Edamame, Sesame Seeds, Seaweed Salad, Carrots, Bean Sprouts, Jalapeno, Wonton Crisps & Avocado

$ 17.95 pp

Hand Rolled Sushi Station

Made to Order Sushi Bar with Chef Station including, attractively garnished with Wasabi, Pickled Ginger and Soy Sauce

Salmon Avocado, Spicy Tuna Crunch, Spicy Yellow tail

$ 12.95 pp

Street Taco Station

Fish Taco –Seared Cod Fish, Guacamole, Pico de Gallo, &

Chipotle Aioli $6.95

Chicken Taco –Grilled Chicken, Guacamole, Guacamole, Pico de Gallo, &

Chipotle Aioli $5.95

Short Rib Taco –Braised Short Ribs, Shaved Brussels Sprouts, Guacamole, Pico de Gallo & Chipotle Aioli $7.95

Sriracha Honey Chicken Taco- Crispy Chicken, Sriracha Honey Sauce, Pickles, Classic Slaw & Chipotle Aioli $ 5.95

Carnitas Taco- Pork, Sautéed Onions, Homemade Slaw & Chipotle Aioli $ 5.95

Sides for Street Taco Station

Chips & salsa $ 5.95

Chips, guacamole & salsa $ 7.95

Rice & beans for $2.95

Slider Station

Southern Fried Chicken Slider Served with pickles $ 5.95 

Italian Pulled Pork Slider- topped with Roasted Red Peppers, Broccoli Rabe & Sharp Provolone Cheese $ 6.95

Short Rib Slider –Braised Short Ribs, Shaved Brussels Sprouts, Sautéed Onions & Chipotle Aioli $6.95

BBQ Brisket Slider- with homemade slaw $ 5.95

The Gobbler- Roasted Turkey with homemade stuffing & cranberry sauce: $5.95

Turkey Burger Slider with fresh guacamole $ 5.95

BBQ Pulled Pork Slider- topped w/ homemade slaw $5.95

Angus Beef Sliders w/ Bacon & Sharp Cheddar $5.95

Crab Cakes Slider w/Remoulade Sauce $9.95

French Fry OR Tater Tot Bar

Regular Fries or Tater Tots

Truffle Pram Fries or Tater Tots

Wiz, Bacon, Ketchup, Spicy Ketchup

$8.95 pp

Entrée Menus

Choice of Two Entrees: $16.95 pp Choice of Three Entrees: $19.95 pp

(Any additional charges noted below)

Chicken Entrées

Chicken Marsala Pan-Seared Chicken Breast with Sautéed Mushrooms in a Homemade Marsala Wine Sauce

Chicken Piccata Pan-Seared Chicken Breast in a Light Cream Lemon Piccatta Sauce with Capers

Chicken Saltimbocca Pan-Seared Chicken breast topped with fresh sage, and imported Italian prosciutto with Chardonnay Lemon Glaze

Pan Seared Chicken with Sun-Dried Tomato Spinach and Leeks with White Wine lemon Herb Sauce

Meat Entrées

Grilled Pork Tenderloin accompanied with Mango Chutney $9.95 pp

Roast Prime Rib of Beef- with Fresh Herb Demi-Glace $15.95 pp

Roasted Filet Mignon seasoned with Roasted Garlic and Fresh Rosemary, served with a Creamy Horseradish Sauce or Béarnaise Sauce $20.95 pp

Braised Short Ribs with Fresh Rosemary Demi-Glace $20.95 pp

Pan Seared Double Lamb Chops with Fresh Rosemary Demi-Glace $20.95 pp

Seafood Entrées

Pan-Seared Chilean Sea Bass topped with Roasted Tomatoes and Sautéed Spinach with a Lemon Caper Sauce $22.95

Seared Salmon- topped with an Artichoke Salsa $15.95

Classic Crab Cakes- Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes served w/ Homemade Cocktail Sauce $19.95

Baked Halibut Fillet with Roasted Tomatoes, Kalamata Olives, and Artichokes White Wine Lemon Broth $19.95

Pan Seared Scallops with Cauliflower Puree, Pine Nuts & raisins $19.95

Pasta Entrées


Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella & Basil tossed in Garlic Infused Oil $ 4.95

Pasta Italia

Sautéed Mushrooms & Spinach in La Rosa Sauce $4.95

Grilled Chicken Pesto Pasta

Grilled Chicken, Roasted Cherry Tomatoes & Asparagus tossed in a Basil Pesto Lemon Sauce $5.95

Pesto Pasta

Roasted Cherry Tomatoes & Asparagus tossed in a Basil Pesto Lemon Sauce $5.95

Pasta Primavera

Sautéed spring vegetables, shaved Locatelli tossed in a garlic cream sauce $5.95

Mediterranean Pasta

Sautéed zucchini, red peppers, artichokes, Kalamata olives, fresh tomato basil sauce, shaved Locatelli $5.95

Bacon Rigatoni

Smoke Apple Wood Bacon, Sautéed Mushroom, Baby Peas tossed in a LaRosa Sauce

$ 5.95

Braised Short Rib Pasta

with roasted shaved brussels sprouts, roasted cherry tomatoes in a garlic cream sauce


Rigatoni Pasta

Roasted garlic cream, mushrooms, asparagus, sun dried tomatoes $5.95

Tri-colored Tortellini

Three cheese tortellini, baby peas, imported prosciutto, and basil pesto cream sauce $5.95

Sausage & Pepper Rigatoni Pasta

Italian Sausage, & Roasted Red Peppers tossed in a Garlic Infused Oil $ 6.95

Lobster Ravioli

Colossal Crab Meat, Roasted Tomatoes in Tarragon Garlic Cream $ 21.95

Hot Vegetable & Side Dishes

Choice of Two Sides for $9.99 Choice of Three Sides for $14.99


Cheesy Potato Au gratin w/ Melted Fennel & Onions 

Roasted Potatoes w/ Garlic & Fresh Herbs

Wasabi Mashed Potatoes 

Maple Whipped Sweet Potatoes

Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes 

Wild Mushroom Risotto

Roasted Butternut Squash Risotto


Grilled Vegetables w/ a Balsamic Reduction 

Sautéed Mixed Vegetables

Grilled or Roasted Asparagus  

Sautéed Spinach w/ Garlic Infused Olive Oil 

Sauteed String Beans with lemon zest

Roasted Brussels Sprouts w/ Shallots & Bacon

Salad Selections

Salad Selections $4.50 Per Guest

Tossed Green Salad-Spring Mix, with Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Bell Peppers with a Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing 

Classic Caesar Salad- Crisp Romaine Lettuce with Homemade Croutons
Spring Mix Salad w/ Gorgonzola Cheese &Cranberries

Roasted Beet Salad- Arugula with Roasted Beets, Blue Cheese, Melted Fennel with a Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing

Harvest Salad-Mixed baby greens, candied walnuts, dried cranberries, goat cheese tossed with balsamic vinaigrette

Staffing Personal

Professionally trained and fully uniformed servers, bartenders, chefs and event supervisors are available upon request. We suggest the addition of staff for all hot food orders and receptions of 25 guests or more.
Server’s $25.00 hr minimum of 6 hours
Bartender’s $25.00 hr minimum of 6 hours
Chef’s $35.00 hr minimum of 6 hours
Event Supervisor $30.00 hr minimum of 6 hours

Payment Options

A $1000.00 deposit is required to hold the event date. Deposits are non-refundable within 30 days of the event. Final payment must be received 5 days prior to the event. We accept Checks, Venmo, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

***All prices are subjected to change***

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